High Plains Permaculture was formed in spring of 2009 in Bismarck, North Dakota, as a way for local citizens interested in learning more about permaculture to get together for discussions, practice, and resource-sharing. North Dakota’s semi-arid, northern climate offers unique challenges not currently addressed in the permaculture literature, so we hope by sharing our experiences to generate some proven info and techniques for our area. 

We have members:

  • From Bismarck to Beach
  • From city lots to 900-acre farms
  • From professional agriculture scientists to interested amateurs
  • From those who have just heard the word permaculture in March to those getting certified in Permaculture Design

All events are member-driven, so if there’s something you’re passionate about or something you particularly want to learn, share it with us!

Upcoming events include an Introduction to Permaculture (ongoing), a session on the cultivation of edible mushrooms (with a take-home indoor tp kit) on June 27th, and working through a landscape design and implementation in the city.

Current member interests include:

  • rainwater harvesting and rain gardens
  • vegetable and ornamental gardening
  • hardy fruits, including small fruits
  • composting
  • biodynamics
  • edible fungi cultivation and bioremediation
  • even chicken tractors!

To see what’s going on, check back to this website or join our mailing list by leaving a comment here requesting so – the site will record the private email address you enter in the comments form without displaying it for spam harvesters.



  1. Please add me to your emailing list. Thanx

  2. thanks for starting this, much needed and appreciated

  3. I am looking to apprentice on a North Dakota organic farm with some emphasis in permaculture/biodynamic practices. Are there any farm that you all know of offering such opportunities for the coming season?

    • I will check at the meeting tomorrow. Have you tried npsas.org yet?

  4. Please add me to your mailing list…thank you!

  5. please add me to your mailing list.

    • Hi Cat, WordPress recorded your email address as @comcast.net, but I got a delivery failure when I tried to send a confirmation. Could you confirm your address? Thanks!

  6. Hi found this page after doing a web search. A searched prompted after viewing a vid on permaculture on the peakmoment youtube channel. I live on the eastern edge of the KS high plains and was curious as to what permaculture methods where being considered for the high plains. Respectfully I wasn’t able to find much info here or I completely overlooked it.

    • We’re still working on that! The basic plan so far is to cross Brad Lancaster’s rain-harvesting techniques of the Southwest (sized for our irregular huge downpours) with the Zone 3 and 4 cold- and drought-hardy plants required of the Dakotas. The permaculture design methodology will definitely hold true anywhere you live, as half of the point is to help you assess your land’s condition and needs to create a unique design tailored to your situation. With your location, you should have even more plant options than we do. I firmly believe food forests are possible for us, although of course easier in town. If we can do shelterbelts with our moisture and wind, there’s no reason we can’t do food plants. Karl of GlacialLakesPermaculture.com is working on an experimental coppice planting in SD, which may be closer to your conditions. Have you watched the Geoff Lawton “Greening the Desert” video yet?

  7. HI- I would like to get your emails! I have an extremely large gardening area and looking to do some companion planting this year…

  8. Hello
    I am a permaculture writer and teacher from Oregon, planning a trip through ND at the end of this month. My sweetie is buying a house in Mayville, and we would like to connect with local permaculture people. Do you know of anyone in that area?

    Heather Flores

  9. please add me to your mailing list.

  10. Please add me to your email list. Just completing the Permaculture Design Certification course in Arizona. Spend my summers in ND. Interested in getting involved in ND.

  11. Hello! Please add me to your mailing list. Are there any events planned for the near future? Thanks, Sina

  12. Just thought this would be helpful for the people here, it’s a website with a lot of resources:


    and more specifically:


    The archive is full of useful PDFs of books, fliers, etc. Should be helpful for anyone interested in permaculture.

  13. Hello! I’m doing research on permaculture’s impact on farming practice in the US. I’m trying to put together a list of *all* permaculture-identified farming operations (as opposed to home gardens) in the US – hopefully to later visit every last one.

    Please get in touch if you are aware of permaculture farms in your region!
    Thanks so much for your work and your time.

    Rafter Sass Ferguson

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